"God have really blessed my family tremendously."

- Pastor Martin Williams -

Dear Dr. Siddiki,

I want to thank you for teaching biblical principles, to destroy the area of ignorance. The vision that God gave you in the area of business principles, have blessed my company, “M & A Investor Build”. The biblical scripture I applied have grown my business to a 15% increase over the past 14 years. 

I also believe the covenant of Tithing and Seed Sowing into your ministry was a very vital part of my business 15% increase in profit. In additional, I am a full time Technology Education Teacher in Richmond Public Schools, Richmond Virginia. This school division had not given a pay raise in 8 years and this year I received a pay raise of 14%, which put me back on the original scale for 23 year of teaching experience.

God have really blessed my family tremendously.

Thank you for mentoring me in the word, to be spiritually and financially successful.


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"As an investment manager for nearly 50 years, I’ve attended or perused tens of thousands of company presentations. The question afterwards is always that of credibility. Will the new product be successful? Will the new product, new management changes, the new marketing campaign inspire customers? Will the acquisition be accretive to growth or profit? Will the cost reduction iniatives cut too deep, sap morale or result in the better employees leaving? Will the new mining company drill holes and assays prove successful? These and many others are all critical questions in one’s analysis of an investment. But they all deal with the future. So, I rely on the Holy Ghost to help me identify, to illuminate in my spirit, major opportunities. One such was Domino’s Pizza. For years, everyone said their crust tasted like cardboard. Would their new crust introduction jump start sales? The stock was around $12 a share. I had a conviction it would be successful. In the subsequent couple of years, the stock rose to over $220 a share. More recently, concerning a mining company investment, will a major production increase, starting now, add significantly to that company’s stock price? Another investment is in a junior mining company that is drilling in an area where an established large company had just finished operating because they thought they had exhausted their ore body. Will the junior’s drilling efforts be successful? Will they find significant new gold reserves? My hearing correctly from the Holy Spirit will determine much of 2018’s performance in my fund."

Richard Stewart

"Since 1996, I have owned a full service outsourced I.T. company. From 1996 until 2010 I ran the business without any understanding of a real relationship with God and all the business decisions were made solely by my knowledge, training and seeking the advice of several successful business Owners that were clients that I trusted. I had built up a successful business with employees servicing many clients and was in debt roughly $150,000 between loans and credit cards. In 2008 was introduced to Jeff Swogger who began to mentor me one-on-one in The Word. He explained how I needed to get into the plan God has for my life and to stop listening to others in the world and focus on hearing directly from God through The Holy Spirit… at that time I really wasn’t understanding what he was talking about as I was raised Catholic and never heard anything like that before. After almost two years, I finally stopped trying to figure out, analyzing and using my feelings to understand The Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues and I simply asked for and received the gift of The Holy Spirit and quickly was filled with the evidence of speaking in tongues! A day I will never forget! At the same time I made a decision to commit every morning to in-depth study of The Word with the assistance of The Holy Spirit explaining what I was reading and making it practical. In 2011 Jeff Swogger connected me with Dr. Siddiki and Wisdom Ministries and I was Blessed to attend one of his conferences and meet him personally - I became a Spiritual Son, Elite 300 team member and I signed up for classes at Wisdom University and received my Bachelor’s Degree in 2014. During this time (2011 to 2013) by applying His Word and listening to and obeying The Holy Spirit – I turned over “my” business to Him and quickly God directed me in methods of reducing operational overhead which increased profitability by over 35%! With those additional profits a $150,000 debt was quickly paid off! The Holy Spirit continues to speak to me on eliminating low profit services and focusing on high profit services – currently His business is experiencing a 67% profit margin! Simply by making a decision to TRUST HIM and listen to The Holy Spirit His business is consistently increasing productivity while steadily growing the business with greater profits! My Wife and I were BLESSED to go to The Holy Land in 2015 with Dr. Siddiki and during Communion and Worship in the Garden Tomb Dr. Siddiki spoke a prophetic word over me “These hands will produce multiple Businesses, with multiple streams of income”. I took that and confessed it daily and in the last two years The Holy Spirit has given to me multiple new inventions/businesses with new streams of income! Glory to God! I encourage you to quiet yourself and tune into to the voice of The Holy Spirit (He is always talking to you) and focus on God’s Plan for your life… TURN IT ALL over to Him and through Him you have the Grace to accomplish more and more each day for The Kingdom! I Am BLESSED to Be a BLESSING! Thank you Holy Spirit!"

Rich Conklin

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